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Eye Allergy Season in East Orlando

What are eye allergies?

Tulips Orange Pink 1280×480It's eye allergy season in Orlando. The oak pollen is in the air and the allergies are in full attack. Typically, East Orlando gets hit hardest by allergies in the Fall or the Spring. That is because the air is rich with pollen and dust. While everyone is enjoying the weather outside before the brutal heat of the summer, the nose starts to run, the throat gets itchy and the eyes start to show signs of allergies.

This is known as allergic conjunctivitis. The immune system becomes sensitive to the environment. When it senses dust, pollen, smoke, or anything that can affect the eye, it releases histamines, which in turn causes your eyes to become red, itchy, dry, and burn. woman wiping her eyes with a tissue

What are ways to avoid eye allergies?

While it is often unavoidable, there are steps to take to minimize the exposure to allergens. Try staying indoors whenever possible. Wear sunglasses to avoid getting dust in the eyes. Keep carpets clean and dust free. Wash your hands with soap and keep your clothes clean.

What medical treatments can I get for eye allergies?

Dr. Yip recommends to his East Orlando patients to use artificial tears or decongestant drops help to keep the eyes moist. If symptoms get even worse, antihistamines can be helpful or other over the counter drops. Contact lens wearers have been satisfied with daily lenses and avoid irritation on the eye. If symptoms persist then he recommends to come in for an eye exam.


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